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The Laboratory of Palynology and Palaeoecology of C.N.R. – Institute for the Dynamics of Environmental Processes is located at the Dept. of Environmental and Earth Sciences (DISAT), University of Milano - Bicocca. The Laboratory was created in 1995 with the aim of collecting data and modelling plants as stratigraphical, palaeoenvironmental and paleoclimatic indicators. Part of the lab. facilities are located at the CNR Research Area 3 in Milano (www.area3.mi.cnr.it).


The Laboratory is devoted to Quaternary studies:


 - past ecosystems, integrated stratigraphy from lakes, peat bogs, ice, archeological deposits. Reconstructing the history of vegetation and numerical techniques for modelling climate parameters in alpine, lowland and mediterranean areas;


- biodiversity of continental ecosystems during the late Cenozoic;


- human impact since prehistoric times;


- impact of past climates on the dynamics of mountain environments and alluvial plains.


Currently the people involved are: 2 researchers employed at the National Research Council of Italy (C.N.R.), 1 PhD student, 1 scholarship holder, 1 research fellow, degree students and some professional collaborators.


Since 2003, a specific agreement regulates the co-operation between C.N.R. – IDPA and the University of Milano- Bicocca.


Professional activity concerns the applications of palynology and palaeobotany to archeology, geology and geochronology, climatology, toxicology, the study of air masses circulation and the forensic investigation (see the specific section).


The Laboratory acknowledges several tuition activities developed by the course of Palynology (Master Degree in Natural Sciences at UNIMI) and by PhD courses at UNIMIB.


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