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An updated synthesis on the geological, ecological and climatic history of the Pianico-Sèllere Basin

The book is available at:

- Libreria Punto a Capo, Via Colleoni, Città Alta (Bergamo)

- Libreria Mondadori, Lovere

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More informations on this exceptional natural archive at:

A publication on the history of environmental changes and human peopling on the Cansiglio plateau by the University of Ferrara and C.N.R. - IDPA

The book is available at:

- Museo Civico Archeologico, Piazza Cittadella 4 (Bergamo)

- Libreria CUEM at Università di Milano, via Festa del Perdono 3

- MUSE - Museo delle Scienze, Trento

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A publication on the Quaternary of Lombardy by C.N.R. - IDPA

Download the cover and the abstract of the book "Gli antichi bacini lacustri e I fossili di Leffe, Ranica e Pianico-Sèllere (Prealpi Lombarde)", Cesare Ravazzi eds.

Sold out in libraries. The last few copies are available at the CNR-IDPA Milano. Send an email at:

Cost: 15 € + delivery

A publication on the natural history of the Val Borlezza (Bergamo) by C.N.R. - IDPA

Download the cover and the abstract of the book "Val Borlezza. Un viaggio dalla genesi del territorio ai primi insedimenti dell'uomo", with contributions by 19 authors.

Buy the book in internet at:,

Cost 25 € + delivery

Annual excursion of AIQUA (Associazione Italiana per lo Studio del Quaternario): "The Quaternary of Lombardy - excursion to the Pleistocene lacustrine basins of Leffe and Pianico-Sèllere".

Download the abstract volume (3 Mb).

INQUA - SEQS Meeting 2006 "Quaternary Stratigraphy and Evolution of the Alpine Region in the European and Global Framework", Milano, 11 - 15 September 2006.

Download the abstract volume (6 Mb).

Volume "Clima e cambiamenti climatici: le attività di ricerca del CNR", edited by B. Carli, G. Cavarretta, M. Colacino, S. Fuzzi (2007)

An updated synthesis of the researches on climate and paleoclimate carried out by the Institutes of the National Researche Council is presented. The book can be downloaded visiting the site

Contributions by the Laboratory of Palynology and Palaeoecology are available at the section "Publications" of this web-site.

Resolution of the INQUA - SEQS (Subcommission for European Quaternary Stratigraphy) on the definition of stratotypes of the Würm, defined as a regional circum-alpine stage (download the pdf)

The following papers are useful as an updating concerning the Late Pleistocene alpine stratigraphy:

Preusser (2004) - Towards a chronology of the Late Pleistocene in the northern alpine foreland. Boreas, 33: 195-210.

Monegato G., Ravazzi C., Donegana M., Pini R., Calderoni G., Wick L. (2007) - Evidence of a two-fold glacial advance during the Last Glacial Maximum in the Tagliamento end moraine system (SE Alps). Quaternary Research, 68: 284-302.

Editorial activity of the C.N.R. - IDPA

The Istituto per la Dinamica dei Processi Ambientali publishes a non-periodical series called "Quaderni di Geodinamica Alpina e Quaternaria", which hosts original monographs on IDPA research programs concerning topics such as alpine geology, morphogenesis and Quaternary geodynamics. The IDPA publishes geological maps and edits national and international scientific volumes (visit the page "publications" of the IDPA web site).

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